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Wildcide is a podcast that covers all the 'cides': homicides, hosticides, name it, we've got it covered.

Wildcide is currently in the process of molding into an interview style true crime podcast. Instead of just focusing on 'crime'-related fields (investigators, attorneys, etc), we are trying to bring in professionals from an array of fields: medical professionals, clinical professionals, survivors, criminologists and anyone who can add to our podcast in an educational and productive way! 


Your hosts Chelsea and Bailey are sisters that have a love for true crime. Chelsea is the older who brings the humor to our episodes and has a knack for always looking on the bright side. Chelsea spent most of her career as a dental hygienist until recently when she has decided to return to school and work towards a master's degree. She currently substitutes at a Junior High, goes to school full time and somehow manages to be the most awesome mom around. 


Bailey is the younger who loves to shower listeners with dark sarcasm, a dash of profanity and her tendency to 'play devil's advocate'. Bailey is a licensed professional counselor, is a certified sex addiction therapist (CSAT) and has spent most of her career in the addiction and trauma fields. Bailey is EMDR trained and specializes in addiction (chemical dependency, sex) as well as trauma. 


Bailey and Chelsea hope that between their life experiences, education and empathetic nature, they can add value to episodes. We try to focus on making Wildcide as ethical as possible by respecting victims but also looking at cases from many viewpoints. We like to think of ourselves as deep thinkers who love the psychological mysteries of the crimes we cover....while trying to have a good time in the process. We think in movie quotes and songs so you'll definitely hear song references at least once in each episode! So come hang and enjoy your time with us two reds and the dead at wherever you podcast!

Chels and Bailey_edited_edited.jpg

Bailey (L) and Chelsea (R)

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